The best way to brush your teeth


It’s something you’ve been doing your whole life – but are you brushing your teeth the right way? Are you brushing for long enough and why is it so important? At Butterfield Dental Surgery, we see the effect of poor brushing techniques and bad attitudes to tooth brushing all the time. Today, we’ll have a look at the best way to brush your teeth and explain why it’s so important.

  • Tools of the trade

First things first. You need to pick the right brush and take into account size, shape and bristles. Soft bristles are the better option and the size and shape of your brush head should allow you to easily access each tooth. It also may seem like stating the obvious but you should also make sure your chosen toothbrush fits comfortably in your hand. And keep in mind that toothbrushes most definitely have a life span. Your best bet is to change your brush about every six months.

  • Time is on your side

You need to take your time and brush your teeth slowly and methodically. We reckon that somewhere between 90 seconds and 2 minutes is long enough to brush your teeth – twice a day. If that sounds like something that you may not measure properly, you could always buy an electronic toothbrush with a built in timer. But if you do stick to brushing for the right amount of time…are you doing it correctly?

  • Tips on how to brush properly:

It’s best to use short, back-and-forth and up-and-down strokes. Focus on your gum line and back teeth as this is where bits of food will likely be found. Although everyone has their own style, we have found that brushing your upper teeth first and then your lower teeth afterwards ensure a more comprehensive approach. And while you’re brushing your teeth anyway, you might as well work on your tongue too! Lightly brushing or scraping your tongue will help prevent bad breath


It probably only seems like yesterday when you were first shown how to brush your teeth as a child. By not brushing your teeth properly, you’re risking decay, gum disease and much worse so it’s something you must be sure you’re getting right. At your next dental visit, why not bring your brush in and we’ll show you the right way (and the wrong way!) to keep your teeth in good shape with the right brushing technique.


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