How to clean your dentures effectively

Even though they are not the ones you were born with, your dentures are now the next best thing. So it’s best to treat them exactly like you would your natural teeth. That means keeping them clean and fresh. So, what’s the best way to clean your teeth and what do you need to do to get the job done?

Just like your teeth, it’s important you clean thoroughly twice a day and after eating if possible. This will prevent more tooth loss, infections, gum disease and more. The best method is a straightforward one – you should simply brush, soak and the brush again. You brush them first to remove any food debris. Then you can use a denture cleaning solution to help you get rid of any stubborn stain – they should also leave your dentures much fresher too. Then you simply brush your dentures again but be careful not too brush too hard. At Butterfield Dental Surgery, we advise to use a medium sized toothbrush and make sure you brush every surface thoroughly.

There are lots of denture cleaning products out there – each one with their own advantages and disadvantages. Talk to us at your next visit and we’ll recommend what should work best for you. Overall, though, the oldest method are still often the best and many of our patients are happy to clean thoroughly with soap and water, backed up by a soaking solution to get rid of the stains…

The harsher the substance, the more damage it will do. So, for example, if you think your dentures may need bleach, we recommend that you not take this drastic step. If there are stains that are simply not shifting with firm cleaning, just let us know and we‘ll consider the options with you. Similarly very hot water may also damage your dentures and in the worst cases, actually cause them to break.

By now, you’ve gotten used to your dentures even though you may yearn for the days when you had your own teeth. But these days, dentures are so well-made, they are very close to the real thing and when they are kept in good shape, they’ll serve you well. If you’re in any doubt about your dentures and how to clean them, just ask us at your next check –up.

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